Bathinginherbs.com grew out of a serious love for herbs and what they could do for the body. Learning that Valerian was the base of Valium so many years ago kept a sparkle in my soul that made my quest for knowledge about the herbal/plant kingdom insatiable, and it still is today. I am so excited when I get to learn something new about an herb or plant and put it to practical use.

Eventually my love of herbs led me to the further investigate my families spiritual “roots”. I had always herd whispers of “roots” and eventually that took me down the path of African Spirituality. Getting closer and closer to my path kept leading me back to herbs. I read many different books, websites, articles, and basically anything I could get access to in order to study and experiment.

I started taking baths with herbs to make sure that I could take care of my daughter as a single mother. At first I used recipes from books, and saw some amazing results with some simple ingredients. Over time I was given recipes by the Ancestors, and started developing baths on my own, testing them to make sure they worked. I was told many times over the years that I should help people with this professionally.

So here I am, a humble herb loving spiritualist, priestess, mother, grandmother, bath crafter, and so much more. I offer you my 20+ years of knowledge from my heart in hopes that all will learn this earth offers so much more in the way of our daily abundance than we know.



If you would like to try a bath without customization, we have a white bath that is always available. Just check our products section.

We also offer butters, with the same customization that we offer with our baths. All of our products are handmade to order.