Tarot Readings, Custom Baths, Custom Butters

Regular Readings are done over the phone with a full deck of the Tarot Cards. This means that I will pull all 78 cards in the reading. I will answer one additional question.

Email Readings  will spell out each card in each spread, and the message that is coming through, until all cards have been pulled. I will email them to you in 2 business days.

Same Day Readings are a limited according to my availability.



Payments are to be made before the reading. Once payment is received/confirmed, your reading date and time is confirmed.


I need your full name. First, Middle, and Last names. If you are married I need your maiden name and your married last name.

Be sure to add this information to the Notes field when you order.

Custom Baths are created with specific herbs. You must make an appointment to speak about your situation so that the bath can be made.

Custom Butters are created to go along with baths on a limited basis. When speaking about your custom bath, we can then speak about a butter.



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