Tarot Readings

About Readings

Mini Readings are a more focused reading with less time, concentrating on one question.

Regular Readings are done over the phone with a full deck of the Tarot Cards. This means that I will pull all 78 cards in the reading. I will answer one additional question.

Email Readings  will spell out each card in each spread, and the message that is coming through, until all cards have been pulled. I will email them to you in 2 business days.

Same Day Readings are a limited according to my availability.

Booking Info

I need your full name. First, Middle, and Last names. If you are married I need your maiden name and your married last name.

Be sure to add this information to the Notes field when you order.

Business Hours

Monday – Friday 7pm –9pm EDT

Saturday 10am — 5pm EDT


Payments are to be made before the reading. Once payment is received/confirmed, your reading date and time is confirmed.