Brownee Babee Butters


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So I started making butters as a self enrichment project, after buying a product from another person and knowing I could make something better that I really loved. In 2015 l made my first batch. By March of 2016, I had my constant scent that I was always complemented on whenever anyone smelled me.

I then introduced my granddaughters to making their own scents. They loved the process and so Brown Babee Butters was created.

These butters are so smooth on your skin with a great texture that makes your skin stand out!

In 2020 I had the opportunity to make a butter for one of granddaughter's whose skin erupted with dark patches all over it. We took her to the doctor, after making sure it was nothing in the house that we were using. The doctor advised us to start a process of elimination, and then it clicked. A new shampoo used on her hair, made her break out. We stopped using it immediately, and I created a 100% natural butter, with a list of herbs, and essential oils incorporated into the butter to help the blemishes on her skin to go away quickly. It worked!

When you buy any of our butters, know that you are supporting a black woman owned business that is helping take care of my family. I have put my heart into my brand and hope that every one of my customers feels that love when they use our products.

Our Butters are made as soon as they are ordered, starting on the next business day. We have 10 business days to complete making and packaging your order. After that we will ship your order.

All sales are final. There are NO REFUNDS.