Spiritual Reading and Bath Packages


Spiritual Reading and Bath Packages

Regular Readings $100.00 plus transaction fees 

Live Readings $200.00 plus transaction fees 

Custom Prepared Baths are $160.00 plus transaction fees 

A reading is required to find out the nature of the bath that is to be made. The final price is $260.00 plus transaction fees 

For those who require readings more than once a year, there is a subscription package which is higher in price. $200.00 per month with a 6 month commiment required to start this service.

$1200.00 plus transaction fees 

Monthly Reading Quarterly Bath Tune-Up Package includes: a monthly Reading along with a spiritual bath every 3 months. This also a 12 month committment.

$2960.00 plus transaction fees 

Executive Full DeGunk Light Energy Package

The point of the package is to change your life over a calendar year. This is an aggressive process, and it must be worked at for a year. So there is a 12 month committment. 

There are 3 baths per month that will be taken. Each bath takes 8 days to complete taking it. This will happen for the full year. The bath formulations will slightly change every month. You shall recieve one reading per month, along with Obi Divination. 

$9612.00 plus transaction fees