Money Oil - "WORK$$$! and smells so sexy. I rub it on my money + bank statements, I put it on my body's pulse points. EVERYtime I've used this oil, I found a money blessing in the way of a bill paid, received money, or got unexpected gifts. A little goes a long way! Will definitely restock" --B.P.

Reading - I just want to say thank so much for doing my reading this was so thorough and i really resonated with it. I would love some moon work as im still really new to working with it again thank you so much i will definitely be purchasing readings from you again in the future.
Thank you--L.M.

Reading - Your reading was absolutely beautiful and extremely accurate. Like I’m freaking out by how accurate it is.

You are nothing to play with when it comes to these tarot readings your magical!-- T. K.